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Table 7 Most 10 frequently cited publications on leishmaniasis research from Arab world during 1998–2017

From: Arab world’s growing contribution to global leishmaniasis research (1998–2017): a bibliometric study

SCR Authors Title year of publication Source title Cited by
1st Reithinger et al. [10] Cutaneous leishmaniasis 2007 Lancet Infectious Diseases 685
2nd Zijlstra et al. [55] Post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis 2003 Lancet Infectious Diseases 282
3rd Alrajhi et al. [48] Fluconazole for the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania major 2002 New England Journal of Medicine 234
4th El Tai et al. [51] Genetic heterogeneity of ribosomal internal transcribed spacer in clinical samples of Leishmania donovani spotted on filter paper as revealed by single-strand conformation polymorphisms and sequencing 2000 Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 199
5th Bacaër and Guernaoui [50] The epidemic threshold of vector-borne diseases with seasonality: The case of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Chichaoua, Morocco 2006 Journal of Mathematical Biology 181
6th Khalil et al. [52] Autoclaved Leishmania major vaccine for prevention of visceral leishmaniasis: A randomised, double-blind, BCG-controlled trial in Sudan 2000 Lancet 173
7th Arnoult et al. [49] On the evolution of programmed cell death: Apoptosis of the unicellular eukaryote Leishmania major involves cysteine proteinase activation and mitochondrion permeabilization 2002 Cell Death and Differentiation 165
8th Postigo [54] Leishmaniasis in the World Health Organization Eastern Mediterranean Region 2010 International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 148
9th Pitta et al. [53] IL-17 and IL-22 are associated with protection against human kala azar caused by Leishmania donovani 2009 Journal of Clinical Investigation 146
10th Zijlstra et al. [56] Diagnosing visceral leishmaniasis with the recombinant K39 strip test: Experience from the Sudan 2001 Tropical Medicine and International Health 140
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