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Table 1 Parameter values for the SEIR model and the mixing matrices

From: What can urban mobility data reveal about the spatial distribution of infection in a single city?

Parameter Value  
R o 1.4 Basic reproduction number
σ 2.0 Inverse of incubation period
γ 0.5 Inverse of infectious period
β 0.7 Daily force of infection (R0·γ)
E 0 10 Initial number of exposures
\(\delta _{i}^{H}: i \in [1..r]\) \(\left \{ \frac {1}{20}, \frac {2}{20}, \dots \frac {18}{20}, \frac {19}{20} \right \}\) Fraction of infections that occur in the home region
δ C \(\left \{ \frac {1}{5}, \frac {1}{4}, \frac {1}{3}, \frac {1}{2}, \frac {2}{3}, \frac {3}{4}, \frac {4}{5} \right \}\) Fraction of mixing in CBD that involves residents
N i varies Region resident populations
  1. The SA3 resident populations are provided in Additional file 1