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Table 6 Satisfaction with, and perceived advantages and disadvantages of, the tobacco vaporizer: Internet survey, 2016–2018

From: An online survey of users of tobacco vaporizers, reasons and modes of utilization, perceived advantages and perceived risks

  All users
Number of respondents 102
Are you satisfied with your vaporizer (scale of 0 to 10)a 8.0 (7.0, 9.0)
I like the feeling I get when I inhale the vapor from my vaporizer
 - Somewhat agree to totally agree (%) 66.7 (57.4–76.0)
Have you ever recommended other people to use a vaporizer:
 - Yes, one person (%) 24.5 (16.2–32.8)
 - Yes, several people (%) 55.9 (46.3–65.5)
Do you think that other people began to use a vaporizer because of your recommendation or your example?
 - Yes, one person (%) 25.7 (17.2–34.2)
 - Yes, several people (%) 21.8 (13.8–29.8)
I’m afraid I may start smoking again when I stop using my vaporizer
 - Somewhat agree to totally agree (% of former smokers) 64.7 (56.3–74.1)
Perceived advantages - Somewhat agree to totally agree (%):
It’s easy not to smoke when I use my vaporizer 82.0 (74.5–89.5)
It does not produce a bad smell 73.0 (64.3–81.7)
I cough less 68.0 (58.9–77.1)
I have better breath 66.0 (56.7–75.3)
I get less short of breath after a physical effort 60.7 (51.1–70.3)
Improved senses of taste and smell 43.0 (33.3–52.7)
Perceived disadvantages: - Somewhat agree to totally agree (%)
I’m afraid of becoming dependent on my vaporizer 57.6 (47.9–67.3)
The vapor should be more concentrated 24.0 (15.6–32.4)
My vaporizer should act more quickly (faster relief of urge to smoke) 20.2 (12.3–28.1)
It should be easier to draw/inhale on the vaporizer 19.0 (11.3–26.7)
Vaporizer should deliver more nicotine 10.0 (4.1–15.9)
  1. a Median (25th and 75th centiles); other results are proportions with 95% confidence intervals