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Table 4 Reasons for using the tobacco vaporizer: Internet survey, 2016–2018

From: An online survey of users of tobacco vaporizers, reasons and modes of utilization, perceived advantages and perceived risks

Quite true to totally true (%) All users
Number of respondents 102
To replace cigarettes 94.1 (89.5–98.7)
Less toxic than smoking tobacco 89.2 (83.2–95.2)
To stop smoking or to avoid starting smoking again 72.3 (63.6–81.0)
To reduce my tobacco consumption but without the intention of stopping smoking 71.3 (62.5–80.1)
Because I don’t want to smell of tobacco smoke 70.7 (61.8–79.6)
To cope with tobacco withdrawal symptoms 69.6 (60.7–78.5)
Because I like using it 65.0 (55.7–74.3)
To not disturb others with tobacco smoke 57.4 (47.8–67.0)
To reduce my tobacco consumption in preparation for stopping smoking 56.4 (46.7–66.1)
Because I’m dependent on my vaporizer 53.5 (43.7–63.3)
To manage urges to smoke 49.0 (39.3–58.7)
Because all the other smoking cessation methods I tried have failed 41.6 (32.0–51.2)
Because, despite my efforts, I’m not able to stop using my vaporizer 37.4 (27.9–46.9)
To manage stress 35.3 (26.1–44.5)
To avoid the need to go outside to smoke 26.0 (17.4–34.6)
In situations or places where smoking is prohibited 23.0 (14.8–31.2)
Cheaper than tobacco 14.0 (7.2–20.8)
The vaporizer helps me control my weight 4.0 (0.2–7.8)
I cannot smoke because of a disease 2.0 (0.0–4.7)
  1. 95% confidence intervals are indicated in brackets