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Table 2 Examples of Weekly and Monthly Text Messages

From: Use of financial incentives and text message feedback to increase healthy food purchases in a grocery store cash back program: a randomized controlled trial

Weekly Text Messages
Generic Weekly Text Examples
 • Discovery Vitality: The HealthyFood benefit makes it easier to purchase healthy foods which are essential to maintaining good health!
 • Discovery Vitality: Vitality’s HealthyFood benefit aims to make eating healthily easier and more affordable.
 • Discovery Vitality: HealthyFood refers to a range of foods including vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, lean meats, fat-free dairy, legumes and healthy fats.
Personalized Weekly Text Example
 • Discovery Vitality: Last week, R234.77 (11 items) of your food spend was HealthyFood and R266.65 (9 items) was unhealthy. Eat HealthyFood for great cash rewards!
Monthly Text Messages
Standard Monthly Text Message Example
 • Discovery Vitality: The healthy foods you purchased have given you a R236.98 cashback. Keep it up! Visit for useful nutrition and health tips.
Unbundled Monthly Text Message Example:
 • Discovery Vitality: You earned a R236.98 HealthyFood cashback. You could have earned an additional R100.81 had you purchased no unhealthy foods. Visit for useful nutrition and health tips.