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Table 1 Content of semi-structured interviews

From: Pregnancy intentions in a group of remote-dwelling Australian Aboriginal women: a qualitative exploration of formation, expression and implications for clinical practice

Category Content Questions included in the prompt sheeta
Contraception Contraception used; Reasons for use; Experiences of using; Are you using any [contraception] at the moment?
Have you used any/any other [methods] before?
What is good/bad about this/these [methods]?
Have you heard of any other [methods]?
Pregnancy intention Wanting, trying;
Family size;
Hypothetical pregnancy;
Do you want any [more] babies?
Right now, are you trying to / trying not to have a baby?
How long between now and when you want to have a baby?
How many babies would you like to have all together?
If you found out you were pregnant today, how would you feel? What would you do?
Decision-making Choosing a partner;
Age and pregnancy;
How do you decide a man is the right one to have a baby with?
Is it important to be married before having a baby?
How do you decide it is the right time to have a baby?
What is a good age to start / stop having babies?
Partner Wanting;
Family size;
Does your partner want any [more] babies?
How long between now and when your partner wants to have a baby?
Do you and your partner have any talks about having babies?
Autonomy Personal experiences of;
Perceptions of issue in community;
Has anyone ever tried to force you / pressure you about: contraception/having a baby/ending a pregnancy?
Is forcing / pressure an issue in [this community]?
  1. aExact wording was modified as needed to enhance comprehension. Important points were clarified by revisiting questions with alternative phrasing to improve the accuracy of interpretation