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Table 1 The safety behaviors used in the study Safe Pregnancy

From: The Safe Pregnancy study - promoting safety behaviours in antenatal care among Norwegian, Pakistani and Somali pregnant women: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

We will now ask you if you ever have taken actions to protect yourself.
  No Yes Not applicable
Have you ever:
 … hid money?    
 … hid extra set of house and/or car keys?    
 … established a code with family, friends or others (contacting to them about something agreed upon beforehand to indicate you need help)?    
 … asked the neighbour to call police if violence begins?    
 … removed weapons (such as knives)?    
 … told someone how things are at home?    
 … stayed at a crisis shelter?    
 … documented bruises or violent events (like taking pictures)?    
Have you ever made sure you had available
 … social Security Numbers (yours, his, children)?    
 … passport/ID or other important papers (marriage license, birth certificates)?    
 … your own bank account?    
 … valuable jewellery?    
 … a bag of extra clothing for you and your children?    
 … an extra phone or sim card?    
 … important phone numbers (police, crisis shelter, ambulance)?