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Table 2 Content of the intervention

From: The Food4toddlers study - study protocol for a web-based intervention to promote healthy diets for toddlers: a randomized controlled trial

Title Explanation Concept development
Modules Topics are divided into modules with two to four subheadings (chapters). One general information module is also available. 1) Introduction to the intervention website with information about recipes, how to install the website app, and descriptions of the study.
2) The importance of early eating habits and how to interpret food labeling. A special focus on accessibility, availability, and variety of healthy food and beverages.
3) How taste develops and the importance of repeated exposures, basic tastes, and spicy food.
4) Self-feeding skills and children’s ability to self-regulate food intake.
5) Motivation to eat in a healthy way, being a good role model, and use of rewards.
6) Family meals: meal settings, preparing for meals, and meal composition.
7) Conscious and unconscious choices at home and in stores.
8) The benefits of children’s participation in cooking and encouragement to try new family dishes.
Recipes A total 31 recipes are presented, 10 of which include an instructional videoa Dinner (17 recipes/5 videos),a snacks (7/1), breads and cereals (5/3), and beverages (2/1).
Forum The forum is divided into two sections: general questions and recipes. Participants can ask questions and discuss relevant issues with each other. In the recipe forum, they can share recipes.
“Good to know” Contains information about dietary issues relevant to the child’s age Salt, honey, cinnamon, nitrites, potatoes, foreign foods (sushi), additives, and cod liver oil.
  1. aOne of the recipes with video was retrieved with permission from