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Table 2 Schedule of the participatory workshop

From: Process of adaptation, development and assessment of acceptability of a health educational intervention to improve referral uptake by people with diabetes in Sri Lanka

Day Participants Activity
Day 1 All Introduced to the research question by main investigator
Sub groups 1 – Sinhala
Subgroup 2 – Tamil
Group work on identifying needs, problems and solutions on accessing services at ophthalmologist’s / retinologist’s clinic following referral (those who identified with referable level DR) from medical clinic – facilitated by moderators
Sub groups 1 and 2 Exposure to adapted and developed provisional HE interventions – facilitated by moderators
Day 2 Sub groups 1 and 2 Development / modification of HE interventions appropriate to the local context by incorporating participants’ ideas - facilitated by moderators
Day 3 Sub groups 1 Presentation and discussion of findings of assessment of developed HE interventions by participants – facilitated by main investigator with co-moderators.
Day 4 Sub groups 2