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Table 3 Developments of three cancer prevention menus with minimal cost

From: Diet optimization using linear programming to develop low cost cancer prevention food plan for selected adults in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Meal Menu 1 Menu 2 Menu 3
Breakfast Fried Kuey Teow
(1 cup)
Papaya (1 slice)
Laksa Penang with sardine (1 ½ cup)
Pineapple (1 cup)
Hailam Noodle with chicken (1 cup)
Banana (1 piece)
Morning snack Bubur Kacang Hijau dan
Keledek with sweet potatoes (1 ½ cup)
Oat cookies
(2 pieces)
Cream Crackers
(3 pieces)
Coffee plain (1 cup)
Lunch Steamed Brown Rice (3scoops)
Fried Indian Mackerel (1 medium piece)
Spinach Soup with tomato (1cup)
Steamed Basmati Rice (3 scoops)
Soy Sauce Chicken (1 medium piece)
Ulam Raja (1 cup)
Steamed cabbage
(1 cup)
Basmati Rice (3scoops)
Grilled Catfish + Air Asam (medium piece)
Sambal Lady Finger (1 cup)
Afternoon snack Capati (1 piece)
Dhal Gravy with turmeric and carrots (1 ½ cup)
Banana Oat Smoothie with milk
(1 cup)
Peanut Butter Sandwich (1 sandwich)
Chocolate Drink (1 cup)
Dinner Steamed Brown Rice (3 scoops)
Grilled Chicken Breast (2 pieces)
Fried Pucuk Paku
(1 cup)
Guava (1 piece)
Fried Rice with sardine (3 scoops)
Ulam Raja (1 cup)
Stir fried Red spinach
Orange/carrot juice
(1 cup)
Basmati rice (3 scoops)
Masak Lemak with tempeh and vegetables (1 cup)
Mango (1 piece)
Food Cost per day (RM) RM 7.8 RM 9.2 RM 9.7