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Table 1 Fail score criteria for each screening test

From: Status of visual impairment among indigenous (Orang Asli) school children in Malaysia

Test Fail Score Criteria
Visual Acuity <  0.30 LogMAR
Cover Test Any obvious deviation to eye movement (tropia)
Hirschberg’s Test Any decentration from corneal reflex
External Observation Any abnormality
Ophthalmoscopy Any abnormality
Cycloplegic Refraction Myopia: > −0.50 D
Hyperopia: > + 1.50 D
Astigmatism: >  0.75 D
Prism Cover Test Esophoria Near: > 5Δ Far: > 6Δ
Exophoria Near: > 5Δ Far: > 10Δ
Hyperphoria: > 2Δ
Heterotropia: Any amount of heterotropia
  1. Sources: Duratul et al. (2009b) [20]