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Table 1 Schedule of enrollment, interventions, and assessments

From: Contribution of thirdhand smoke to overall tobacco smoke exposure in pediatric patients: study protocol

Time Point Study Period
Enrollment Allocation Post-allocation
Baseline T0 Baseline T0 6-weeks T1 6-months T2
 Eligibility Screen X    
 Informed Consent/Assent X   X  
 Allocation   X   
 Intervention Group (SBIRT)   X   
 Control Group (HHC)   X   
 Sociodemographics X X   
 Smoking history, Smoking Behavior, quit attempts   X X X
 Parent reported Child TSE   X X X
 EMR Review of Children TSE-related healthcare visits   X X X
 Verification of quitting (exhaled carbon monoxide)    X X
 Verification of Child SHS exposure (urinary cotinine)   X X X
Sample Collection
 Urine   X X X
 Handwipes   X X X
 Dust    X X
 Air Monitor     Xa
  1. aAir Monitor is picked up approximately 1 week after T2