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Table 1 Accelerometry: decisions and outcomes

From: Evaluation of an intervention to promote walking during the commute to work: a cluster randomised controlled trial

Initialising Accelerometers initialised to start recording on day after distribution and to store data for 7 days including a weekend.
Data collection points Baseline, 1-year follow-up
Protocol Single Actigraph GT3X+ monitor, worn around the waist over the same hip during waking hours (except when swimming/bathing/showering).
Wear time Waking hours (usually 6.00 am – midnight but this will be modified, for example, for shift workers)
Valid length of day ≥10 h (600 min)
Days required 3 days
Epoch length 10 s
Zero counts Bouts of 60 min of continuous/consecutive zero counts excluded
Spurious data >  15,000 cpm
Missing data No imputation
Activity cut-points Sedentary < 100 cpm; MVPA ≥1952 cpm [19]
Outcomes i) Moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA)
ii) Sedentary time
iii) Overall physical activity, mean counts per minutes (cpm)