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Table 1 Type and frequency of text messages sent to the enhanced clinic group

From: Feasibility, acceptability and efficacy of a text message-enhanced clinical exercise rehabilitation intervention for increasing ‘whole-of-day’ activity in people living with and beyond cancer

Text message types (targeted behavior) Range of Frequency Example Text
Educational tips (SB and MVPA) Fixed: 2 per fortnight Bob. Just standing up & stretching your legs can help your heart! Stand up today. Kylie
Real-time behavioral prompts (SB) Variable: 2–10 per fortnight Hi Bob. You’re probably watching TV now. Enjoy the downtime - but try to stand up & move in every ad break. Kylie
Real-time behavioral prompts (MVPA) Variable: 1–4 per fortnight Bob you wanted to walk early in the morning. Put your shoes out beside your bed now as a reminder. Kylie
Goal checks (MVPA) Fixed: 1 per fortnight Hi Bob. Did you reach your goal to walk 4 x 40mins this week? Text me back yes or no. Kylie
Goal check replies (MVPA) Dependent on participant reply We all lose motivation at times Bob. I know you can do it this week. Focus on your desire to be healthy - I am here to help you! Kylie
  1. SB sedentary behavior, MVPA moderate-to-vigorous physical activity