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Table 3 Barriers to continued PA participation

From: Formative research to develop a school-based, community-linked physical activity role model programme for girls: CHoosing Active Role Models to INspire Girls (CHARMING)

Theoretical lens Barriers* Quotes Intervention strategies
Intra -   
Inter Family resource
Family logistics
“We have a lot of new families that are coming in to the country who are still going through the process of actually getting their funding sorted or finding a job.” [Teacher, Urban School]
“So, especially when you've got more than one child, I've only got the one so swimming was easy for me, but that was like fifty-odd pound for a term, so if you've got like three, four kids...” [Parent, Rural school]
• Low cost options
Organisational Awareness of opportunities “I’m not aware… well aware of what’s available in the community …” [Deputy Head Teacher, Urban School]
“There may well be things out there. But here, I’m not aware of what I can and can’t have, and it may be something as simple as communicating.” [Head teacher, Rural school]
• Mapping community provision
• Engage key community groups and leaders
Community Unreliable transportation
Lack of opportunities
Cost of activities
Club opening hours
“Geographically, we’re not best placed here. … We need to take a bus to the local pool and most clubs… are quite a distance from here .” [Head teacher, Rural School]
“…if it was four o’clock and it was up in [local area], sometimes we don't have a bus until ten to four, because it stops.” [Parent, Rural school]
“I’d say in this area, there isn’t much.” [Teacher, Rural School]
“…our comprehensive school is closing and that’s got a leisure centre attached to it. That’s our nearest facility here.” [Head teacher, Rural school]
“… but from what the children tell us they do, I don’t believe there can be a lot.” [Deputy Head Teacher, Urban School]
“…we wanted something that would encourage those that were put off by maybe what they saw as more aggressive actions of the boys when they’re playing… their competitive edge comes out and it puts the girls off.” [Deputy Head Teacher, Urban School]
“It’s maybe not at an appropriate time or it costs.” [Deputy Head Teacher, Urban School]
“I think there’s possibly things available for them but for our girls it’s obviously quite difficult to access because of time constraints really.” [Head Teacher, Urban school]
• Mapping community provision
• Options within close proximity or linked to local transport
• Source single-sex opportunities
• After-school hours
Societal Cultural perceptions “They’re in the Mosque at five and they’re there till seven o clock. So obviously accessing sports facilities is quite difficult for them and it’s not necessarily part of their culture really to do sporting activities after school.” [Head Teacher, Urban school] • Challenging cultural norms
  1. Key themes* presented alongside the Socio-ecological model