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Table 2 Barriers to intervention uptake

From: Formative research to develop a school-based, community-linked physical activity role model programme for girls: CHoosing Active Role Models to INspire Girls (CHARMING)

Theoretical lens Barriers* Quotes Intervention strategies
Intra Prior commitments
“If they were doing another activity.” [Parent, Urban school]
“One minute they're all for it, the next minute 'Oh I am not doing that today, I don't want to.” [Parent, Rural school]
• Straight after-school hours
• Engaging activities
Inter Parental interest
Family logistics
“I think it would be selling the programme to the parents. I think we need to you know, get the parents involved from the beginning…” [Deputy head teacher, Urban school]
“I've got the younger ones, they have to be in bed by eight so as long as we were home by about seven thirty at the very latest so that they could be fed, bathed then bed.” [Parent, Urban school]
• Opt-out consent
• Sessions run straight from school
Organisational Inadequate provision
Lack of facilities
Lack of staff
Cost of activities
“A lot of parents have complained to the school because initially, years ago, I'd say about three years ago, there was a lot of after school activities and they've all just phased out.” [Parent, Urban school]
“There isn't a lot of space in this school for sports so a lot of sports really have to be outside if you want to play with any number of people really.” [Parent, Urban school]
“I think they’d like a lot of sport after school, but with such a small school … there’s only five members of staff five days of the week, so we can’t offer that.” [Teacher, Rural school]
“we haven’t got the capacity if you like to do any more clubs…that would mean buying in somebody else to do that and then that would be the cost implication for them, no matter how much.” [Head Teacher, Rural School]
“Would we have to pay to come to the club?” [Child, Rural School]
“…it's just the cost of it. That would be the only problem, wouldn't it, really?” [Parent, Rural school]
• Maximum of 30 per session
• Minimal requirement of staff time
• Sessions run straight from school
• Low cost/ free sessions
Community Role model nature “I think the barriers are finding somebody to come in and do it. Finding somebody who knows the nature of the culture that the girls are coming from and can you know, not offend anybody, make sure that they’re on side with the parents.” [Head teacher, Rural school] • Provide parents with role model information
Societal Cultural perceptions
Cultural commitments
“I think you will find it difficult in this school because a lot of the girls are not allowed to take part in these things, whereas the boys are.” [Parent, Urban school]
“Because you need to get ready for mosque.” [Child, Urban school]
• Provide single-sex sessions
• Appropriate activities
• Straight after-school hours
  1. Key themes* presented alongside the Socio-ecological model