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Table 1 Quotes regarding intervention design

From: Formative research to develop a school-based, community-linked physical activity role model programme for girls: CHoosing Active Role Models to INspire Girls (CHARMING)

  Key Themes Quotes
Structure Taster sessions “Maybe have lots of different activities there just in case someone gets bored or something and they don’t want to do that, and they want to do something or maybe they have different things each week.” [Child, Rural school]
“Yes, but each week you could do a different thing though.” [Child, Rural school]
“...drama the next day, dancing, music, art mix it up, because if you do the same thing every day it’s going to get boring” [Child, Rural school]
After-school “I think you’d probably have to do it straight after school, 3.20 to 4.20…the clubs that we do run…seem to run okay in that session…” [Teacher, Urban school]
“After school.” [Child, Urban school]
“This is where you want to be careful because the majority of pupils, 5 o'clock they go to the Mosque and they finish at seven so it would either have to be straight from school or possibly on the weekend.” [Parent, Urban school]
Single-sex sessions “They’ve just done multi-sports and we had lots of take up and the girls have actually really, really enjoyed it and said how they like being involved in a club where there are not so many boys…” [Head teacher, Rural school]
“No, only girls.” [Child, Urban school]
“Sometimes mixed, sometimes only girls.” [Child, Urban school]
Content Fun “By sometimes playing like little mini games.” [Child, Urban school]
“Letting us try new things.” [Child, Urban school]
“Maybe they could make a little bit of their own game up.” [Child, Rural school]
“Maybe we could have kits?” [Child, Rural school]
Competitive “To see how good you are and see how much you need to improve?” [Child, Rural school]
“So you can see who is the best.” [Child, Rural school]
“Then you can show your skills.” [Child, Urban school]
“…there are not many dance groups out there that do it for fun. It is too competitive.” [Parent, Urban school]
“Keep us more active.” [Child, Rural school]
“You might lose at competition.” [Child, Urban school]
Appealing activities “Something a little bit different, obstacle courses.” [Child, Urban school]
“We won’t be able to play curbsy because we got no curbs and we can only do that on the road.” [Child, Urban school]
“And it’s actually finding what they are interested in.” [Head teacher, Urban school]
“It would be quite nice if you were going to do something for girls that it wasn't just about falling back on dance [laughs], you know, dance or aerobics which is the other thing which is a wildly boring thing to teach a child.” [Parent, Urban school]
“Maybe like tennis or badminton, something a bit different.” [Parent, Rural school]
  Key themes Quotes
Content Health messages “…as long as it was all there and the resources were there and we didn’t have to provide them for ourselves.” [Teacher, Rural school]
“…in a way, those free school meal children are at an advantage, because you know they’re getting the right nutrition. They’re not eating rubbish whilst they’re in school.” [Head Teacher, Urban school]
“…factors to bear in mind for this age group in particular include how interventions are delivered. With more effective interventions using methods such as peer mentoring, rather than what can be perceived as ‘preachy’ type approaches.” [Senior Researcher, Policy department]
“It sounds like the programme would fit in beautifully with our Healthy Schools. We are a Healthy School. So that sounds yes, like something they would understand and participate in.” [Head teacher, Urban school]
Delivery Female role models “Because say like you have a problem like, in the body section, girls understand more if it's only girls in the club.” [Child, Urban school]
“I don't know why, but I don't feel comfortable with male teachers.” [Child, Urban school]
“The only teachers we got in our school is girls, we got no boy teachers.” [Child, Rural school]
“I think you would have trouble with after school clubs for girls if there weren’t women running the sessions for all sorts of reasons, but I don't know.” [Parent, Urban school]
“So from our point of view, for our Muslim parents to agree to the girls coming, it would probably need to be a female instructor.” [Head teacher, Urban school]
“…if someone was my role model, I don't want them to be boring, I want them to be fun.” [Child, Urban school]
“…it doesn’t matter if they’re famous or not… because they are who they are…because we think they’re role models, not other people.” [Child, Rural school]
Links to community opportunities “I think if we had something on our doorstep, I think they would go. I definitely think they would get more involved…we’ve got parents that are you know… willing to take up opportunities with children, whenever we have things here, if we have events here like after school…” [Head teacher, Rural school].
“I think really it’s having an increase in opportunities for them to try a different variety of sports beyond the school really.” [Head teacher, Rural school]