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Table 1 The structure and contents of the health education lessons guided by the Health Action Process Approach [25]

From: Kids Out; evaluation of a brief multimodal cluster randomized intervention integrated in health education lessons to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behavior among eighth graders

Procedure Contents Elements of HAPA
Lesson 1: Orientation - Teacher presents the intervention and informs about the SoftGIS questionnaire
- Students complete the SoftGIS questionnaire via internet (
- Homework 1 for the next lesson: FeetEnergy-homework leaflet and instructions
- attitudes
Homework 1 - Me & PA - FeetEnergy-homework leaflet, part 1: Self-assessment of time spent in a) active commuting to school, b) moderate-intensity physical activity (PA) and c) sedentary behavior (SB) and self-conclusion about meeting the recommendations for health. - attitudes
Lesson 2: Me, peers & PA - Teacher shows three feedback views based on the school-specific SoftGIS responses and leads discussion on the views:
View 1: active commuting to school
Map of the city of Tampere with a dot indicating the school proportion of students by gender and the average minutes of walking or cycling to school within four distance circles from home (less than 1 km, 1-3 km, 3-5 km, more than 5 km)
View 2: leisure time PA
The quantity of moderate-intensity LTPA on average and by sex
View 3: screen time
The proportion of students meeting the recommendation of screen-time (≤ 2 h) by sex
- attitudes, outcome expectancies, pre-action self-efficacy, intention
  - Homework for the next lesson: Link to FeetEnergy-video and instructions - action planning, action self-efficacy
Homework 2 - Recognizing one’s possibilities - Watching FeetEnergy-video, which introduces PA recommendations and gives tips for increasing PA and decreasing SB
- FeetEnergy-homework leaflet, part 2: Making a list of self-selected ways to increase PA and to reduce SB and choosing at least one way for an immediate action plan
- action planning, action self-efficacy
Lesson 3: Goal setting and action planning - Watching the FeetEnergy-video in the classroom
- Discussing in small groups or pairs about the self-selected ways for immediate action plan.
- Making the actions visible by writing them on the FeetEnergy-classroom poster
- Homework for the next lesson: Writing follow-up comments about the realization of the actions to the space provided in the poster (brief summary in the beginning of lesson 4)
- action self-efficacy