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Table 2 Study phases and tools

From: Designing a comprehensive Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) programme for hypertension and diabetes at primary health care level: evidence and experience from urban Karnataka, South India

PHASE Method Category (sample) Tools Key variables captured
Phase 1 Quantitative Population based screening (37,943, > 18 years) Screening tool and diagnostics Blood pressure, blood sugar, anthropometric tests
Phase 2a Quantitative Sample survey (1470) W.H.O’s STEP questionnaire Risk factors (tobacco, alcohol, physical activity and diets) related information
Phase 2b Quantitative Survey of all those who had disease (hypertension and diabetes) (157) Interview Questionnaire Out of pocket expenses, treatment adherence related details
Phase 2c Quantitative Facility audits (12) Audit tool Human resources, medicines, diagnostics, documentation systems related details
Phase 3 Qualitative Focus group discussions (20) and in- depth interviews (10) FGD guide and interview guide Knowledge & practices about hypertension and diabetes, treatment adherence and life style modification challenges