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Table 1 The distribution of message content according to topic during the intervention [49]

From: WhatsApp embedded in routine service delivery for smoking cessation: effects on abstinence rates in a randomized controlled study

Main topic Subtitles Number of messagesa
Before the quit day (Having a plan of action) Controlling the stimulus for smoking 1
Having a plan of action 2
Suggesting the healthy behavior 1
Things to do before the quit day 2
Individual support from others 1
Total 7 (Daily)
After the quit day (Preventing relapse) Importance of self-rewarding 4
Strategies to cope with nicotine withdrawal 13
Coping with stimuli for smoking 13
Changing the environment 10
Preventing relapse 13
Total 53 (First month, daily; Second month, every other day; Third month, every 3 days)
  1. aEach message may contain more than one topic. The predominant topic has been used for classification