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Table 6 Citations by participants related to dimension 6

From: Large-scale implementation of electronic Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (eIMCI) at the primary care level in Burkina Faso: a qualitative study on health worker perception of its medical content, usability and impact on antibiotic prescription and resistance

Dimension 6: Influence on the health facility workflow and consultation organisation
Impact on the health facility workflow
“Here [in this health facility], when there are two health workers, [we have arranged that] one takes the vitals or performs the RDTs when needed [while the other performs the remaining steps of the REC consultation]. In high-attendance periods we try [to reorganise ourselves] to be at least two [for this purpose]” RN, female “This morning we had two volunteers who came to help, so they take the height, brachial circumference and temperature and perform an RDT if the child has a fever. Only after that, do we start with REC, because you need to have all these data to start REC. (…) Before REC, we did not take those parameters so often” E10 Birth attendant, female