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Table 3 Citations by participants related to dimension 2

From: Large-scale implementation of electronic Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (eIMCI) at the primary care level in Burkina Faso: a qualitative study on health worker perception of its medical content, usability and impact on antibiotic prescription and resistance

Dimension 2: Electronic and other technical issues
Slowness and breakdowns
“Sometimes you are alone in front of a sea of patients. When REC is slow, people wait outside, they don’t understand the use and importance of REC, they assume we are playing with our mobile phones and they complain. (…) So we explain to them and little by little they understand. We do our best to register all children so that they aren’t lost to the REC [database], we consult and wait for REC to start working again, and then we continue.” HO, Female.
Other electronic issues
“If there is a power outage or if the device breaks down, we cannot work. Therefore, to maintain functionality, it is necessary that someone takes close care of maintenance because devices can be very fragile” RN male “With the paper version, the advantage is that you can skip some parts and come back to them afterwards, with REC you are obligated to follow all the steps in order until the end” RN male