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Table 1 Minimum required WHO indicator criteria for validation of EMTCT of HIV and syphilis, and additional criteria for hepatitis B

From: Evaluating progress towards triple elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B in the Netherlands

Indicators Netherlands 2014 Netherlands 2015 Criterion met?
Shared indicators HIV and syphilis
 ANC coverage (at least one visit) of ≥95% 99.2%a 99.7%a Yes
HIV indicators
 Coverage of pregnant women who know their HIV status of ≥95% 99.2%a 99.7%a Yes
 Antiretroviral (ARV) coverage of HIV positive pregnant women of ≥95% (women with suppressed viral load at delivery) 96% (84%)b 100% (97%)b Yes
 Case rate of new paediatric HIV infection due to mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV of ≤50 cases per 100,000 live births 0.57b 0.00b Yes
 MTCT rate of HIV of < 5% in breastfeeding population OR MTCT rate of < 2% in non-breastfeeding populations 0.75%b Yes
Syphilis indicators
 Coverage of syphilis testing of pregnant women of ≥95% 99.2%a 99.7%a Yes
 Treatment of syphilis-seropositive pregnant women ≥95% (% registered referred to care) 72.6%a 70.5%a Unknown
 Case rate of congenital syphilis ≤50 cases per 100,000 live births 0.00c-1.14d 0.00c-0.59d Presumably
Hepatitis B indicators
 Hepatitis B virus vaccination: childhood vaccine coverage (third dose coverage) ≥90% 93.1%e 92.2%e Yes
 Hepatitis B virus birth-dose vaccination coverage or other approach to prevent mother-to-child transmission ≥90% Birth-dose vaccination 99.4%e 99.4%e Yes
HBIg admission at birth 99.8%f 99.8%a
 HBsAg prevalence among children ≤0.1% 0.0%g 0.0%g Yes
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