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Table 3 Knowledge per Cancer and Psychological Impact of Cancer

From: Cancer and how the patients see it; prevalence and perception of risk factors: a cross-sectional survey from a tertiary care centre of Karachi, Pakistan

Knowledge Per Cancer And Psychological Impact Of Cancer
  Number (n)a Percentage (%)
Knowledge Per Known Risk Factors
 Do you think Smoking causes cancer? 275 68.4
 Do you think Betel nut causes cancer? 281 69.9
 Do you think Gutka causes cancer? 284 70.6
 Do you think Family History is a cause for cancer? 200 49.8
Knowledge Per Misleading Risk Factors
 Do you blame Fate for your cancer? 328 81.6
 Do you blame Evil eye for your cancer? 236 58.7
 Do you blame Black magic for your cancer? 222 55.5
 Do you think Fever causes cancer? 222 55.2
 Do you think cancer is due to stopping breastfeeding? 124 30.8
 Do you think domestic violence led to your breast cancer? 97 24.1
Psychological Impact Of Cancer
On A Scale Of 0 (Min) To 5 (Max)
  Scale Number (n)a Percentage (%)
How depressed do you feel? 3 118 29.4
How irritable have you become? 4 100 24.9
How much has your social life been affected? 3 130 32.3
How much has the financial burden increased? 5 125 31.3
  1. aNumber of individuals who responded yes