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Table 2 Summary of Linked Administrative Databases to be Accessed

From: A mixed methods randomised control trial to evaluate the effectiveness of the journey to social inclusion – phase 2 intervention for chronically homeless adults: study protocol

Dataset name Short description
Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset (VAED) VAED and VEMD contain information pertaining to health outcomes and health service utilisation, and will be used to assist in the estimation of the costs of homelessness and the change in these costs over time.
Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset (VEMD)
Client Relationship Information System for Service Providers (CRISSP) To determine history of family and domestic violence, out-of-home care, and other family history throughout childhood.
Integrated Reports and Information System (IRIS) To identify access to sexual assault and family violence services.
Housing Integrated Information Platform (HIIP) To determine participants’ history with the Office of Housing, including public housing tenancies, and how well tenancies are going. For example, if respondents have strikes/notices against them and if they are paying rent on time.
Alcohol and Drug Information System (ADIS) To understand participants’ alcohol and other drug use and access of treatment services.
Client Management Interface/ Operational Data Store (CMI/ODS) To ascertain levels of access to different mental health services and to identify if there is a history of identified self-harm/suicide attempts.
Courts Services (Victoria) data To determine the impact on housing interventions and interaction with the justice system. These databases will be used to assist in the estimation of the costs of homelessness and the change in these costs over time.
Department of Corrections (Victoria) data
Victorian Police (VicPol) data
Centrelink data To ascertain changes in payments and other circumstances in participants’ lives generally and in conjunction with the intervention. Centrelink data is an alternative source to self-report data in a range of areas such as employment, income, Centrelink payment type, and location that we are collecting from participants.
Specialist Homelessness Services data collection (Victoria) from Specialist Homelessness Information Portal (SHIP) SHIP data contains detailed client information that will provide insight into participants’ utilisation of homelessness services.
National Cause of Death Unit Record Files The Causes of Death Unit Record Files provide information on the causes of death that occur and are registered in Australia.