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Table 2 Summary of the TWM-E components

From: Integrating physical activity into the primary school curriculum: rationale and study protocol for the “Thinking while Moving in English” cluster randomized controlled trial

Level Intervention Component Dose Description Implementation evaluation
Teacher 1) Professional learning workshop 1 × 5 h 1) Course rationale
2) Evidence for TWM-E
3) Becoming a TWM-E advocate
4) Implementing TWM-E at school
5) Reporting on TWM-E in schools
• Teacher post-workshop evaluation questionnaire
• Post-program implementation questionnaire (Teacher evaluation of the TWM-E pedagogy)
2) Session observations 3 The research team will conduct three observations of the TWM-E lessons in weeks 2, 4, and 6 using the evaluation Checklist. • Evaluations Checklist (Fidelity check) conducted by the research team
• Teacher interview questions
3) Support from the research team On-going The research team will be available for the teachers throughout the duration of the presentation. Weekly emails including advice and strategies will be sent during Weeks 1, 3, and 5 of the intervention. • Post-program implementation questionnaire (Teacher evaluation of the TWM-E pedagogy)
School 4) Dissemination to school staff 1 × 45 min Teachers will present the TWM-E (e.g., objective and program details) pedagogy during their staff meetings. • School principals will sign off teachers after the completion of their presentation in MyPL (teachers will receive the full NESA accreditation)
5) Equipment Once Schools will be provided with a TWM-E equipment pack selected by the participating teachers to assist in the delivery of the program (e.g., chalk, buckets, whiteboards, drill ladders, basketballs, skipping ropes, lettered beanbags, and lettered flexi domes - value $AU400). • Post-program implementation questionnaire (Teacher evaluation of the TWM-E pedagogy)
Student 6) TWM-E lessons 3 / week TWM-E lessons will be run during curricular English time by the regular school teachers. The TWM-E lessons will last for 40 min. • Student intervention evaluation
• Student interview questions