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Table 2 Enrolment/Assessments schedule [42]

From: Improving cancer symptom awareness and help-seeking among adults living in socioeconomically deprived communities in the UK using a facilitated health check: A protocol for the Awareness and Beliefs About Cancer (ABACus) Randomised Control Trial

Procedures/Time point Set-up Screening Baseline Intervention Follow-up
- 1 month B (over 12 months) +  2 weeks +  6 months
 Eligibility assessment   X     
 Informed consent    X    
 Contact details form    X    
 Randomisation    X    
Data collection
 Demographic questionnaire    X    
 Medical history questionnaire    X    
 Adapted ABC measure    X   X X
 Cancer worry    X   X X
 Lifestyle questionnaire    X   X X
 Resource use    X    X
Intervention Delivery
 Lay advisor training X      
 Intervention delivery or control     X   
Process measures
 Interviews with HCAs X     X  
 Site summary logs   X     
 Lay advisor timesheets   X X X   
 Observation/Audio recording of Intervention delivery     X   
 Participant Interviews
 (2–6 weeks)
 Participant exit interviews
 (post trial)