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Table 3 Environmental characteristics of the study locations, Chinese Families and Children Study, 2012

From: Personal ultraviolet Radiation exposure in a cohort of Chinese mother and child pairs: the Chinese families and children study

  Urban Rural
Latitude 31.3° N 39.3° N
Average ambient solar UVR (MEDa, April–June) 20.53 20.24
Average humidityb
 April 75% 58%
 May 74% 63%
 June 82% 73%
Average (daily mean) temperature (April–June)
 April 14.8°C 11.5°C
 May 20.4°C 17.3°C
 June 23.8°C 22.0°C
  1. aMinimal Erythemal Dose
  2. bAverage data for the period 1971–2000, China Meteorological Data Service Center, [40]