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Table 1 Overview of the measurement points for the primary and secondary outcomes, during intervention and weekly measures, and follow-up measurements

From: “Workplace Physical Activity Program” (WOPAP) study protocol: a four-arm randomized controlled trial on preventing burnout and promoting vigor

  Variables Pre-intervention (T0) During intervention (T6 or T8) Weekly (T1-T10) Post-intervention (T11) Follow-up at 3 and 6 months (T12–13)
Primary outcomes − Burnout   a
− Vigor   a
Secondary outcomes − Job satisfaction    a
− Work motivation    a
− Work performance    a
− Work ability    a
Psychological and physiological mediators − Off-job recovery activities     
− Psychological detachment   a  
− Relaxation   a  
− Control   a  
− Mastery   a  
− Relatedness   a  
− Positive Affects    a   
− Cardiorespiratory Fitness     
Moderator variable − Compliance to activity sessions    a   
Control variables − Job characteristics (T6) b  
− Needs satisfaction at work (T6)  
− Workload at work      
Manipulation check − Instructors observed motivating style   (T8)    
participants’ perception of the instructor’s motivating style   (T8)    
− Objective effort during sessions   (T6)    
− Perceived effort during sessions    a   
  1. aVariables only collected in intervention groups; bVariables only collected in the waiting-list group