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Table 2 The functionalities and contents of the web application

From: Digitally supported program for type 2 diabetes risk identification and risk reduction in real-world setting: protocol for the StopDia model and randomized controlled trial

Functionality Content
Browsing habits Users can browse and select habits in 13 lifestyle categories.
Inspecting habits Users can inspect the detailed description of habits, including a brief title, a short description, and a health fact.
Selecting habits Users can select habits to be repeated on a daily basis.
Reporting performances Users can report habit performances on a daily basis.
Reflecting on own activities Users can view a summary, including the number of selected habits and performances per 13 categories.
Getting information on other users’ activities Users can see a summary of other users’ habits and performances in an anonymous format in pop-up messages.
Getting information on the prevention of type 2 diabetes Users can read information on the prevention of type 2 diabetes.
Getting reminders Users receive reminders by emails and SMS messages if they do not select any habits, add any performance, start using the application within two days after the first uptake message, or use the application for seven days.