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Table 1 List of pre-flood preventive behaviors

From: Development and validation of five behavioral indices of flood adaptation

1. Have a list of emergency telephone numbers
2. Have an emergency kit
3. Make a list of your belongings that could be used for a claim in case of flooding
4. Make a plan for evacuating your home in case of emergency
5. Make a plan for evacuating your neighborhood in case of emergency
6. Know how to shut off the water
7. Know how to cut off the electricity
8. Inquire about how to better prepare for a flood or to make your home more flood-resistant
9. Inquire about the consequences that a flood could have on your physical or mental health
10. Waterproof the foundations
11. Raise the door sills
12. Raise the foundations
13. Raise the baseboard heaters or electrical outlets on the walls
14. Replace water-sensitive flooring
15. Install a backwater valve
16. Relocate the home elsewhere on the property
17. Make other changes to the building (e.g., to the windows, the insulation, the walls, the ceiling; seal the cracks).
18. Reduce the area of surfaces that are not waterproof (e.g., replace asphalt with stones or another finish that lets the water through)
19. Change the landscape to help water runoff
20. Do drainage work around the home
21. Check to be sure the foundation drain is not blocked
22. Make other changes to the property to make it more flood-resistant (e.g., plant trees and shrubs, put stones on the property or near the stream, make a dam or a barrier, develop the riverbank, relocate structures on the property)
23. Own a water pump
24. Store valuable items somewhere besides the basement