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Table 4 Community engagement at the two elementary schools across the subsequent 9-month school period (Fall 2016 to Spring 2017)

From: Enhancing safe routes to school programs through community-engaged citizen science: two pilot investigations in lower density areas of Santa Clara County, California, USA

Engagement metrics Definitions School A (SRTS + Our Voice) School B (SRTS Alone)
Meetings and Action Planning (counts)
Community meeting Meeting to identify and prioritize key issues 0 0
Stakeholder meeting Meeting to present findings to local stakeholders 1 0
SRTS team meeting Follow-up meetings involving citizen scientists and community residents interested in SRTS 7 2
Action Plan Action plan developed by community residents to further SRTS efforts in their local school 1 1
Total meetings 9 3
Encouragement Events (counts)
Walk/bike events School-wide events such as National Bike to School Day and Bike Education Days 2 1
Walk & Roll Days Days set aside to encourage walking and biking to school 16 2
Walking school bus A walking school bus involves a group of students and parents walking together on the way to school in the morning 16 1
Total encouragement events 34 4
Educational Activities (counts)
In-class educ. Activity: Grades K, 2nd, 4th, 5th Educational activities supported by SRTS in a classroom setting 13 13
Bike Rodeo Event that includes biking lessons and safety tips 0 0
Family Fun Bike Night / Bike Repair Event supported by SRTS to teach students about biking and bicycle repair 1 0
Traffic safety educ. & helmet distribution Event supported by SRTS to teach students about traffic safety and distribute helmets 1 0
Total educational activities 15 13