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Table 1 Predictor blocks used in bivariate and ordered logistic regression analyses

From: Depression and anxiety symptoms in cardiac patients: a cross-sectional hospital-based study in a Palestinian population

Block Variable
1 Socio-demographic factors Age, gender, marital status, residence, education level, occupation
2 Clinical factors Current diagnosis, previous cardiac diagnoses, years with cardiac disease, cardiac treatment (at admission), co-morbidities, medications, somatic symptoms (PHQ-15), family history of CVD, QoL (SF-12-PCS)
3 Psychosocial factors PTSD (PTSD-PCL-S), social support (ESSI), resilience (RS-14), self-esteem, QoL (SF-12-MCS)
4 Lifestyle factors Smoking status, currently on diet, fat consumption, vegetable and fruit consumption, alcohol use, physical activity, BMI
  1. Note. CVD Cardiovascular disease, QoL Quality of life, PHQ-15 Patient health questionnaire-15, PCS Physical component summary, PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD-PCL-S Post-traumatic stress disorder checklist, ESSI ENRICHD Social support instrument, RS-14 Resilience scale-14, MCS Mental component summary, BMI Body mass index