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Table 2 Summary of themes from key informant and focus group discussions

From: Work life, relationship, and policy determinants of health and well-being among Filipino domestic Workers in China: a qualitative study

Social determinant Theme Sub-themes
Social and community networks
  Social relationships: Family Physical separation, broken families and infidelity, problems with children, financial, and familial misconceptions.
  Social relationships: peers Gossips and intrigues, fighting, money issues, stealing, being inconsiderate, and poor conflict management.
Work and living conditions
  Work Environment Strict and unreasonable standards, unpredictable and poor mood, misunderstanding due to culture and language, being treated without dignity, and controlling behavior.
  Healthcare services Barriers to healthcare access emerged including lack of medical insurance, low trust, and language difficulties.
  Housing Expensive housing and overcrowding.
Cultural and policy environment
  Problems with employment agencies High agency fees and agency exploitation.
  Inadequate labor protections Not following labor laws, and unreasonable, unlawful terminations.
  Perceived discrimination for being a domestic worker Discriminated by the local Chinese and by fellow Filipinos who are not employed as domestic workers.
  Geopolitical concerns Political issues between The Philppines and China.