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Table 5 Annual cervical cancer incidence and mortality in the screened population (1,764,000 25–65-year-old Portuguese women) and per 100,000. The number of colposcopies required per detected disease (CIN2–3 and CxCa)

From: Budget impact analysis of cervical cancer screening in Portugal: comparison of cytology and primary HPV screening strategies

  Current practice: Comparator 1: Comparator 2:
Cytology with pooled HPV triage Pooled HPV test with reflex cytology triage HPV genotyping with reflex cytology triage
Screened pop. per 100,000 Screened pop. per 100,000 Screened pop. per 100,000
Annual CxCa incidence 194 9.3 143 6.9 109 5.3
Annual CxCa mortality 56 2.7 34 1.6 22 1.1
Colposcopies per disease (CIN2–2, CxCa) detected 10.1   8.2   9.6