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Table 3 Barriers and Facilitators for Development and Implementation

From: Timely linkage of individuals to substance use disorder treatment: development, implementation, and evaluation of

Theme Barriers/challenges Facilitators
SUD Treatment Facility Participation - lack of up-to-date contact information on SUD treatment facilities
- Uncertain persuasive technique(s) to recruit SUD treatment facility participation in updating of available openings on a daily basis
- Developing website onboarding strategy for SUD treatment facilities
- ODCP letter to SUD treatment facilities and MAT providers encouraging participation
- SUD treatment facility website participation a mandatory condition of ODCP community mental health center funding
- Persuasive argument for website participation that rapidly filled SUD openings result in a financial benefit
- Introduction of website to SUD treatment facilities by ODCP at Kentucky School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies
- Use of REDCap and adapted SAMHSA SUD treatment facility application to onboard SUD treatment facilities
- Strategic recruitment of SUD treatment facilities in conferences Website Development and Implementation Partners - Partner lack of understanding of and their role
- Partner processes and priorities did not always align with
- Varying levels of partner website support
- Lack of agreement on naming of website
- Having a partner(s) as a champion to explain website benefit to other partners
- Repetitive justification of website benefit to partners Information Repository - Plethora of information on SUD prevention and treatment
- Lack of clear guidance on development of repository information topics and content
- Availability of accessible, current, and common reading level appropriate SUD resources
- Regular scheduled meetings to review content and topics
- Participation in statewide promotion of website
- Distillation of SUD prevention and treatment information using consistent criteria
- Regular input from SUD treatment facilities on needed SUD educational resources for clients and general public Website Development - Inability to hire qualified internal website developer
- Lack of website prototype to build upon
- Identification of website analytic elements
- Incorporation of GIS into website
- Development of SUD facility automated notification system
- Hiring of outside website developer based on an issued Request for Proposals (RFP)
- Regular scheduled meetings from concept to launched website
- Meetings with SUD treatment facilities on desired website analytics that facilitate regulatory reporting to SAMHSA
- Feedback from SUD facilities to improve opening availability entry input process and user experience of website Implementation - Website readiness
- Lack of knowledge of website
- Lack of statewide promotion of website
- Hiring of advertising agency for statewide promotion of website
- Rapid stakeholder feedback on website bugs
- Press conference with Governor Bevin to announce website