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Table 4 Feasibility Requirements and Existing Conditions in SJDM Health Facilities (N = 17)

From: Acceptability and feasibility of delegating HIV counseling and testing for TB patients to community health workers in the Philippines: a mixed methods study

Financial Requirements Existing Conditions in SJDM Rating
1. Additional honorarium or incentives for BHWs Χ Needs to be budgeted 3.25
2. Budget for training (approx. US$ 300 to US$ 500/trainee) Χ Needs to be budgeted 2.5
Infrastructure and Operation Requirements Existing Conditions in SJDM Rating
1. Doctors available 5× a week o 17.6% of facilities have full-time doctors 2.75
2. Rooms with visual and/or auditory privacy o 35.3% of facilities have rooms with visual and auditory privacy 2.75
3. Mechanism for infectious waste disposal Existing 3.75
4. Guidelines/responsibilities of BHWs as HCT providers Χ Not yet existing 2.75
5. Timely delivery of medical supplies o Supply chain mechanisms take 1 to 2 months before delivering supplies 3.25
6. Delineate deaths caused by TB alone and deaths caused by TB/HIV Can be extrapolated from existing TB and HIV databases 3.5
7. Agency to monitor the implementation of BHWs as HCT providers TB/HIV collaboration group existing 2.75
8. Establishing linkages with NGOs SJDM has limited partnerships with NGOs 3.75
Technical and training requirements Existing Conditions in SJDM Rating
1. Training on basic TB/HIV knowledge 88.2% of BHWs trained on basic HIV knowledge; 23.5% trained on TB/HIV in the last two years; 3
2. Training on how to use the HIV rapid test kits 5.9% of BHWs in facilities trained on HCT 2
3. HIV awareness campaigns in the community SJDM stakeholders conducted community awareness campaigns 4
4. HCT refresher course for other primary health center personnel Physicians and nurses trained on HCT in the last two years; less than 10% of midwives in facilities trained in HCT 3.75
5. Knowledge transfer mechanisms from upper to lower levels of the health system o Capacity building activities available but knowledge transfer mechanisms vague 3.75
BHW Characteristics Existing Conditions in SJDM Rating
1. Time spent for BHW responsibilities less than working time per week Working minutes per week: 1920 mins; time spent for responsibilities: 1575 mins 2.75
2. BHWs are high school graduates 71% of BHWs are high school graduates 3.25
3. Few stigmatization behaviors towards TB/HIV patients among BHWs 20.3% of BHWs have hesitations in talking to a patient with TB/HIV 2.75
4. Good knowledge in patient counselling principles among BHWs o Only 16.5% have knowledge; 69.1% needs refresher course 3
  1. Legend: - Criteria fulfilled; ο – Criteria partially fulfilled; X – Criteria not fulfilled