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Table 3 P-values from likelihood ratio tests for associations between SEP variations across the life course from childhood determined by occupation (or parental occupation) and smoking status in mid-adulthood, comparing each life course model with the saturated model, Childhood Determinants of Adult Health study, Australia*

From: Socioeconomic position over the life course from childhood and smoking status in mid-adulthood: results from a 25-year follow-up study

Life course model Model fit (compared to the saturated model)
No effect model <  0.001
Sensitive period model 0.332
Critical period model  
 Manual, baseline < 0.001
 Manual, CDAH-1 0.051
 Manual, CDAH-2 0.028
Accumulation model, No. of times manual 0.117
Social mobility model  
 Intra-generational mobility <  0.001
 Any mobility 0.007
  1. CDAH: childhood determinants of adult health
  2. * All models were adjusted for age and sex at CDAH-2
  3. Life course models in bold are the best-fitting models