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Table 1 Surveys and censuses undertaken in Kenya with data on either summary birth history (SBH) and/or complete birth history (CBH) since 1989 comprising of six Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS), four Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) and three population censuses. Table includes the number of counties covered, the sample size by source, and the exposure variable: whether maternal age (MA), and/or time since first birth (TFB) variables were collected

From: Sub national variation and inequalities in under-five mortality in Kenya since 1965

Survey Year of Survey Counties with data Female
(15–49 yrs)
Birth History Exposure
Demography and Health Survey (DHS) 1989 38 7150 SBH and CBH MA and TFB
1993 40 7540 SBH and CBH MA and TFB
1998 38 7881 SBH and CBH MA and TFB
2003 47 8195 SBH and CBH MA and TFB
2008/09 47 8444 SBH and CBH MA and TFB
2014 47 31,079 SBH and CBH MA and TFB
Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2000 45 10,537 SBH MA and TFB
2007 3 881 SBH MA and TFB
2008 8 13,606 SBH MA only
2011 6 5908 SBH and CBH MA and TFB
Population census 1989–5% 47 238,027 SBH MA only
1999–5% 47 345,647 SBH MA only
2009–10% 47 934,904 SBH MA only
  1. 2009 MICS conducted in the informal settlements of Mombasa was excluded since U5M in urban areas was not represented while 2013/14 MICS covering three counties was excluded due to under reporting of under-5 deaths