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Fig. 2

From: Sub national variation and inequalities in under-five mortality in Kenya since 1965

Fig. 2

The national annual mean (black line), 2·5–97·5% (light green boundary) interquartile credibility range (ICR) and 25–75% ICR (dark green boundary) of all cause-under five mortality per 1000 live births (U5M) in Kenya between 1965 to 2015 computed using direct demographic methods. The 2014–2015 U5M rates were computed using the average annual rate of reduction between 2000 and 2013 and shown as a dotted line. The U5M reduction target for World Summit for Children by 2000 is shown by a black dotted horizontal line while the red indicates the Millennium Development Goal 4 target. The graphs of county specific mean U5M and the corresponding 2·5–97·5% ICR are presented in the appendix (Additional file 5)

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