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Table 1 Overview of study outcomes and measurement instruments used

From: The Dynamic Work study: study protocol of a cluster randomized controlled trial of an occupational health intervention aimed at reducing sitting time in office workers

  Baseline 3 months 12 months
Objectively measured sitting, upright time and step count
 ActivPALtm micro x x x
 ActivPAL wearing diary (sleep, work time) x x x
Self-reported lifestyle behaviour
 Sedentary behaviour (WSQ) x x x
 Sleeping time x x x
 Smoking status x x x
 Transport mode to and from work x x x
 Co-interventions x x x
Work-related outcomes
 Work performance (IWPQ) x x x
 Work-related stress (ERI-S) x x x
 Work content and desk based worktime x x x
 Work absenteeism (self-reported by iPCQ and company records)   x x
 Work presenteeism (self-reported iPCQ)   x x
Health-related outcomes
 Body weight x x x
 Body height x   
 Waist circumference x x x
 Musculoskeletal symptoms (SNQ) x x x
 Need for recovery (NFR) x x x
 Vitality (Vita-16© TNO) x x x
 Quality of life (EQ-5D-5 L) x x x
 Healthcare utilisation (self-reported by iMCQ and insurance records)   x x
Self-reported socio demographics
 Age x   
 Gender x   
 Marital status x   
 Number of children x   
 Household composition x   
 Education x   
 Household income x   
 Employment status (including length of tenure, job classification, working hours per week, overtime work, days working from home) x   
Postal code x