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Table 5 Male heads of households’ practice and support of female members’ breast health-seeking behavior in Kaloleni sub-county, Kenya

From: Breast Cancer knowledge, perceptions and practices in a rural Community in Coastal Kenya

Question n(%)ǂ
Does your wife tell you of her health concerns (n = 221)
 Yes 212(95.9)
 No 9(4.1)
Do you enquire why wife visits health facility (n = 216)
 Yes 200(92.6)
 No 16(7.4)
If you knew that BC could be detected at an early stage, would you encourage your wife to get screened?
 Yes 220(97.4)
Who would pay for the screening tests?
 Myself 201(92.6)
 Her family 6(2.8)
 My parents 4(1.8)
 Other 6(2.8)
What would be your role if your wife had a breast problem?
 Ask her to go to the hospital 219(94.0)
 Other 3(1.3)
 Not my concern 11(4.7)
Who would decide where your wife would seek help?
 Myself 222(96.5)
 My parents 5(2.2)
 Her parents/ Community elders/others 3(1.2)
Where would you take her if your wife had a breast lump?
 Health facility 224(96.1)
 Faith healer/ Traditional doctor 7 (3.1)
What health facility would you take her to to seek help for a breast problem?
 Dispensary 91(40.3)
 Health centre 40(17.7)
 Sub-county hospital 49(21.7)
 County or Teaching & Referral hospital 46(20.4)
Why would you choose a particular facility?
 Location close to home 221(94.4)
 Husband’s/family decision 13(5.5)
How soon would you seek help if your wife had a breast lump?
  < 1 week 119(93.0)
  < 1 month 4(3.1)
 Other 5(4.0)
Would you allow a male doctor to exam your wife’s breast?
 Yes 201(86.3)
 No 31(13.3)
Would you allow a male traditional healer to exam your wife’s breast?
 Yes 47(20.1)
 No 185(79.1)
Who would you tell if your wife had a BC diagnosis?
 Immediate family 179(77.8)
 Community, elders, religious leaders, others 27(11.7)
 No one 24(10.4)
What would you do if wife was living with BC
 Support her 211(91.0)
 Take another wife 13(5.6)
 Leave her, don’t know, other 6(2.6)
Who would support you wife if she had BC?
 Myself 176(75.5)
 Our children 13(5.6)
 Wife’s family 7(3.0)
 Community 1(0.4)
 Other 36(15.5)
  1. BC breast cancer
  2. ǂ totals do not add upto 237 because some respondents did not respond to specific questions