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Table 3 Correlations between absolute harm perceptions and opinions related to the regulation of e-cigarettes

From: Support for e-cigarette regulations among Australian young adults

Statement Absolute harm perceptions Absolute harm perceptions (adjusted for user status)
Treated like tobacco cigarettes .22*** .25***
Prohibit supply of nicotine e-cigarettes .17*** .21***
Only sold in pharmacies like other non-cigarette products containing nicotine .05 .03
Prohibit supply of non-nicotine e-cigarettes .14*** .18***
Treated like prescription medicines −.04 .02
Readily available as an over the counter purchase at regular shops −.28*** −.25***
Should be able to use in smoke-free places −.29*** −.28***
  1. Those responding “don’t know” were treated listwise
  2. ***p < .001