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Table 4 Proportion (%) of managers who agreed (fairly or very strongly) that partnership working helped with specific activities

From: Is partnership the answer? Delivering the national immunisation programme in the new English health system: a mixed methods study

Activities n = 72
Information sharing 85% (61)
Sharing provider uptake data 83% (60)
Sharing expertise across organisations 76% (55)
Joint planning on how to increase coverage 76% (55)
Understanding local barriers 74% (53)
Local authority scrutiny of immunisation performance 69% (50)
Agreeing local priorities, setting targets and delegating responsibilities 58% (42)
Increasing access to immunisation services for people living in your area 58% (42)
Clarifying different organisations’ roles and responsibilities 57% (41)
Addressing poor performance at provider level 47% (34)
Organising training and support to providers 36% (26)