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Table 2 Medication Adherence Rating Scale (MARS) questionnaire (N = 113 non-adherent participants)

From: The association between ethnicity, stigma, beliefs about medicines and adherence in people living with HIV in a rural area in Indonesia

No The MARS question Frequency of responses indicating non-adherence (%)
N (%)
1 Do you ever forget to take your medication? 80 72.1
2 Are you careless at time about taking your medication? 57 51.4
3 When you feel better, do you sometimes stop taking your medication? 40 36.0
4 Sometimes if you feel worse when you take the medication, do you stop taking it? 33 29.7
5 I take medication only when I am sick 39 35.1
6 It is unnatural for my mind and body to be controlled by medication 62 55.9
7 My thoughts are clear on medication 31 27.9
8 By staying on medication, I can prevent getting sick 33 29.7
9 I feel weird, like a “zombie” on medication 45 40.5
10 Medication makes me feel tired and sluggish 43 38.7