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Table 1 Current diet habits of focus group participants

From: Focus groups inform a mobile health intervention to promote adherence to a Mediterranean diet and engagement in physical activity among people living with HIV

Coded theme Example of coded text
1. Averse diet choices “I don’t drink soda; I just don’t really like soda.”
“I’ll eat anything except sea food.”
“I don’t like to eat the crap that’s in the center of the store, like can, frozen, and all that crap.”
2. Preferred diet choices • “I’ve always made it a point to eat a good breakfast, I learned the values of that many years ago, and I’ve always stuck with that.”
• “I mostly eat soups, I find it very healthy for me.”
• “I have noticed that I am craving lighter foods, like brown rice, tuna, fruits and vegetables, like my body is craving it more.”
3. Proximity to food stores/restaurants • “I live right across the street from [a produce store], who has all of these wonderful products.”
• “I’ll go to [a food bank] and get food there; go to Food-4-Less and get food there. There’s a dollar store near my house. I also go to Big Lot’s and get like bread and chips. It makes my money stretch that way and get a better deal.”
• “I live out in the country, to go to a Jimbo’s or someplace like that is really difficult, all the Stater Brothers, Albertsons, and so I’m kind of stuck with either locally grown stuff because I’m out in the hills, and I have to stock up on sweet potatoes from Costco.”