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Table 2 Healthcare professions identified in the focus group discussion who could theoretically be involved in the response to an MDRO outbreak as described in the scenarioa

From: Collaborative emergency preparedness and response to cross-institutional outbreaks of multidrug-resistant organisms: a scenario-based approach in two regions of the Netherlands


Regional Public Health Services (GGD)

Nursing Home


General Practitioner

Medical Microbiological Laboratory

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

1. Institution management

9. Institution management

14. Institution management

18. Institution management

21. General Practitioner

22. Medical microbiologist b

23. RIVM

2. Infection prevention specialist

10. Infection prevention specialist

15. Infection prevention specialist

19. Nurse

3. MD, medical microbiologist

11. MD, infectious disease control specialist

16. MD, Geriatric specialist

20. Communication professional

4. Infectiologist

12. Infectious disease control nurse

17. Communication professional

5. Treating medical specialist

13. Communication professional

6. Department management

7. Outbreak management team

8. Communication professional

  1. aProfessions selected for survey participation are visualised in bold
  2. bIn the survey analysis, the responses of the medical microbiologists from hospital and laboratory settings have been taken together as one group, because the medical microbiologists proved to be regionally organised and not necessarily devoted to one institution