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Table 1 Cross-institutional response activities identified in the focus group discussion

From: Collaborative emergency preparedness and response to cross-institutional outbreaks of multidrug-resistant organisms: a scenario-based approach in two regions of the Netherlands

1. Participate in an Outbreak Management Team to jointly decide on cross-institutional outbreak response measures

2. Screen ex-roommates who are no longer in the hospital (in the nursing home or at home)

3. Implement/extend infection prevention measures in the nursing home

4. Implement infection prevention measures in the homes of the MDRO positive patients who are at home

5. Provide information to the MDRO positive patients who are at home

6. Answer the questions of the general public about the outbreak

7. Share patient data with other healthcare actors and health institutions when useful for the outbreak control

8. Communicate to the media about the outbreak

9. Keep track of/add to the cross-institutional case register

10. Evaluate the cross-institutional outbreak response

11. Inform local authories about the outbreak