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Table 4 Description of HIV testing choices made for those in the intervention group who tested a

From: Announcing the availability of oral HIV self-test kits via text message to increase HIV testing among hard-to-reach truckers in Kenya: a randomized controlled trial

  Study Sample
Total testers in the intervention group 31 (100.0%)
Chose a self-test
 Yes 20 (64.5%)
 No 11 (35.5%)
Self-testing method chosen among those who self-tested
 In the clinic with counselor supervision 14 (70.0%)
 Took test kit for home use 5 (25.0%)
 Took test kit for home use but returned to the clinic to use it with supervision 1 (5.0%)
Contacted clinic during or after self-testing at home
 Called while testing with questions 2 (33.3%)b
 Called after testing for posttest counseling 1 (16.7%)
 Called both during and after testing 2 (33.3%)
 Did not call 1 (16.7%)
Number of contact attempts made by counselor to reach the client who took self-test kit but did not call 2
  1. aIncludes the 5 clients who were listed as self-testers in the administrative records but not in the EHRS
  2. bIncludes the one client who decided to return to the clinic to self-test after initially taking the test-kit for home use