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Table 6 Why Not Vaccinate Themes and Exemplars

From: Maternal perceptions of childhood vaccination: explanations of reasons for and against vaccination

Theme Sub-theme Number of respondents affirming sub-theme Representative Exemplars
Sources of Influences
  Experience 17 “Also family members have had severe sideaffects to immunizations” (818539)
“Everybody I have known has survived chicken pox w/o issues” (818086)
“I have a background of Naturopath and herbs” (710232)
“Know children who had terrible reactions” (812324)
  External Sources 8 “Felt pressured to do first 3 imm. But not anymore” (830369)
“Not sure who to believe about pros and cons of vaccination” (818004)
Deliberative Processes
  Risk 124 “There are many unknown dangers of getting it” (830847)
“Vaccinations linked to health issues” (830753)
“Do not agree with rigorous schedule at such a young age” (818688)
“We are delaying until the immune system is better equipped at 7 yrs” (812405)
“In our opinion they are not necessary and we do not want to expose our children to unnecessary foreign bodies” (810546)
“Scared of autism gonna wait a few months” (818005)
  Research 12 “I have done my own research” (818020)
“Concern with affect of intramuscular aluminum toxicity not being research enough” (830800)
“I feel there’s not enough research on them” (830976)
  Effectiveness 3 “I don’t believe they are healthy or effective” (830402)
  Balancing risks and benefits 8 “Don’t believe they do more good than harm” (830680)
“Cons outweigh the pros for vaccinating” (515051)
“Am leaning towards not vaccinating. I think there is more harm than proven good” (812230)
  Choice 14 “Delaying by choice” (818638)
“personal choice for both of us” (810555)
“chose not to vaccinate” (818280)
  Instrumental/Practical 17 “My husband and I are working and not had the time yet” (812456)
“He was in India for a few months, their kids have a different schedule for immunizations” (810563)
“Busy clinic” (730238)
  Health Issues 18 “Born with numerous health issues, did not want to add to his problems” (812580)
“Waiting for him to put more weight on” (810509)
“Premature” (818057)
“Rescheduled twice due to cough/flu” (830894)